Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle and profound way of working with the body when there is pain, distress or discomfort be it physical, mental or emotional. We use a very light touch of the hands – always with your permission.

We work from any area of the body suggested by the symptoms and good ethical practice, e.g. feet, lower back, shoulders, as well as the more obvious areas of the neck and head. Craniosacral Therapy is a natural way of helping us to recover and regain more of a sense of well being.

Contemporary research into the treatment of Trauma has expanded our knowledge enormously. For example, it is now clear that trauma is held in the body.  Craniosacral Therapy is gaining recognition as a powerful tool for trauma resolution.

People come for Craniosacral Therapy for a variety of reasons including acute physical pain of many kinds e.g. in the back or neck; chronic pain or discomfort which may be experienced in the back, hips, shoulders, head; stress, anxiety, low mood, general feeling of malaise; a desire to resolve trauma which may underlie the persistence of symptoms.

People often come to my practice because their condition has not responded sufficiently to other treatment or because (like so many complementary therapies) Craniosacral Therapy works from the holistic perspective of the interconnectedness of the body, mind, soul/spirit and emotions which allows them to feel more fully met.

What happens in a Session?

Sessions typically last an hour. At our first meeting I listen to the reasons for your visit and ask for related information. You remain clothed, usually lie on the treatment couch on your back or side or you may be seated. I make light contact supporting your ability to settle and soften into healing and recovery.

Sometimes people experience a benefit after two or three sessions. Typically further sessions are needed especially where there are long standing issues.  

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Craniosacral therapy is not intended as primary healthcare but to work alongside the relationship you have with your doctor.

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